Step 3: Sending

Streamlined Invoice Sending with JSON API

Sending invoices becomes a simplified process. By implementing and mapping your dataset to the Billit JSON structure, you can effortlessly transfer the combined data to any network we support. This ensures a seamless approach for all the networks you utilize.

Advantages of JSON API

  • Unified Data Transfer: Our JSON API provides a unified way to send data across various networks, eliminating the need to handle multiple file formats such as XML.

  • Ease of Implementation: Implementing and mapping your data to our JSON structure is straightforward, making the integration process efficient and hassle-free.

  • Compliance Assurance: You can trust that the data sent through our JSON API is compliant with the respective networks, saving you time and effort in ensuring compliance with different file formats.

The POST Endpoint

Our POST endpoint for sending invoices is an all-encompassing solution. It combines multiple validations to ensure the accuracy of invoices while also checking if the customer can be reached through the selected network (if applicable for the chosen network).

Endpoint Details

  • HTTP Method: POST
  • Endpoint: Host + "/v1/einvoices/registrations/{registrationID}/commands/send"\
    "TransportType" : "Peppol",
    "Order" : {
            "OrderType": "Invoice",
            "OrderDirection": "Income",
            "OrderDate": "2023-01-01",
            "ExpiryDate": "2023-01-01",
            "OrderLines": [
              "Quantity": 1,
              "UnitPriceExcl": 1.0,
              "Description": "my order line",
              "VATPercentage": 21.0
            "Customer": {
              "Name": "Billit",
              "VATNumber": "BE0563846944",
              "PartyType": "Customer",
              "Email" : "[email protected]"

Success Response

    "OrderID": 569728

Error Handling

In case of invoice or network-related issues, the endpoint returns a clear response message detailing the problem. If you encounter any uncertainties or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to Billit.

Error Response

    "errors": [
            "Code": "TheInvoiceAddressWasNotFullyProvidedForSDIPleaseAddCityStreetZipcodeName",
            "Description": "Please fill in the complete address. This is required for sending via SDI (city, street, postal 
             code, name)"