Getting Started!

How does the onboarding process look like?

Step-by-Step Guide to Enable E-Invoicing on Your Platform

Follow these steps to integrate e-invoicing into your platform:

Step 1: Register as an Integrator

Register yourself as an integrator using the onboarding link: Register Here.

Step 2: Create a Sandbox Account

Create a free sandbox account on our Billit Sandbox Environment.

Step 3: Review Documentation

Refer to the documentation on our websites. Below are the main steps, from Step 1 to Step 5. Additionally, the other website provides detailed instructions on using the API and answers to frequently asked questions.

Step 4: Compliance Analysis

Ensure that your integration and platform comply with our basic requirements.

Approval Process

Step 5: Validation

Email us at [email protected] to validate your integration. If valid, we will assist you in moving to production.

Step 6: Go Live

You're ready to go live!