Approval Process

Great job! You've reached one of the most crucial pages.

You've built your integration and want to go live with you're integration. Just ensure you've completed everything listed below, and you'll be ready to proceed!

Billit Integration Review Flow

Since the Access point requires a onboarding and legal contract keep the following in mind before requesting a integration review.

  • You have a form of KYC in place to ensure security, integrity and safety of the usage of the Access point API
  • You can provide a secure environment where the code / infrastructure is running on, aka no LocalMachines, open source software. If you are unsure email towards [email protected]
  • You have enrolled your company in the integrator intake form Integrator form

Is the integration working as expected in the Sandbox?

Next step: Moving the integration to production.

  • ✅ Once successful and tested, email us at [email protected]. To share any feedback regarding the go live.

  • 🚩 If the production swap was unsuccessful and you cannot determine the cause, please contact support with as much documentation as possible.

That's it! Once you've completed the steps above, you're ready. Great job, and thank you for building your awesome integration.