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Introducing the global e-invoice connection

Billit: A Recognized Global E-Invoice AccessPoint Operating in 40+ Countries

Billit is an internationally recognized E-invoice access point, certified to operate in over 40 countries. Our Access point provides a user-friendly API that seamlessly connects with all supported E-invoice networks. The straightforward setup of our API has earned trust from development teams worldwide.

If you're interested, you can explore and test our solution for free!

Discover Billit: Simplify Your E-Invoicing Experience!

Billit isn't just an E-invoice access point; we offer an intuitive, feature-rich interface that revolutionizes how you handle invoicing. Our interface is designed for ease of use and comes loaded with remarkable capabilities, including:

  • Comprehensive Connectivity: Seamlessly connect to 2400 banks, enabling smooth transactions for both E-invoices and traditional invoices.

  • Automated Approval Flows: Gain complete control over your company with fully automated approval workflows, optimizing your processes.

  • Effortless Accounting Integration: Easily provide account access to your company files, facilitating direct integration into your accountant's books.

  • Streamlined E-Invoice Handling: Effortlessly insert and send E-invoices directly into your account via our user-friendly interface.

For deeper insights and detailed technical documentation, visit our documentation site. Learn more about our platform at Billit.

API Difference: Direct Access for Seamless Integration

The API documented on this page enables direct access to our Accesspoint, allowing you to seamlessly integrate a complete E-invoice flow into your software. Become a service provider offering E-invoice capabilities to your customers. If you're interested in this feature, please email [email protected].