Below you can find an introduction into the Billit accesspoint API

πŸ“ API Reference

The Billit API is built around the REST Principal. It uses easy to recognize URLs and it accepts JSON bodies as a basis to use the API. The responses you might get are always in the JSON format.

The API can be used in Test mode (Sandbox) and Full production. This allows you to fully build and test your use case risks-free. For basic API uses we allow an API Key. For more elaborate use cases or when the integration is built for multiple customers we require the integrator to use the OAuth flow.

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We hope you have a nice experience using our API.

To find out what support you can receive, please navigate to What support can I get as a developer?

We also have our main documentation site which you can use to develop. Our objects, types and way of working is the same. It might give you more insights in how to solve certain cases.