The polling option can be done until you reach a final status. The object returned has more information but for the E-invoice status the object shown below will suffice.

"CurrentDocumentDeliveryDetails": {
    "DocumentDeliveryDate": "2023-10-09T20:15:14.173",
    "DocumentDeliveryInfo": "SDI_RC",
    "IsDocumentDelivered": true,
    "DocumentDeliveryStatus": "Delivered"

The different DocumentDeliveryStatuses

DeliveredInvoice as been successfully delivered to the receiving party
PendingThe invoice is still in progress
ErrorSomething went wrong trying to deliver the invoice

The whole object looks like the following. Not all of the fields will be returned and are more set when something goes wrong.

"CurrentDocumentDeliveryDetails": {
    "DocumentRefusedDate": null,
    "DocumentDeliveryDate": null,
    "DocumentDeliveryInfo": null,
    "DocumentRefusedReasonTC": null,
    "DocumentRefusedInfo": null,
    "IsDocumentDelivered": false,
    "DocumentDeliveryStatus": null